Vegan Chickpea Brownies (gluten-free, oil-free)


These vegan chickpea brownies are seriously so freaking yummy. If you miss indulging in a rich chocolatey brownie but don’t want eat unhealthily, this recipe will solve your problem.

I have been wanting to share a healthy brownie recipe with you all for a while and I have been experimenting in the kitchen. There have been some failures but I finally got it right! 

Trust me when I say you would never know that there were chickpeas in these brownies. 

This recipe is: 





✔️100% yummy 

These vegan chickpea brownies are rich, fudgey, just the right amount of chocolate chips…ugh I am DROOLING! A fun game to play is to serve these to your guests and after they try them (and love them), have them try to guess the secret ingredient. They are adapted from the Erin Lives Whole recipe. 

If your kids are picky eaters and refuse to eat legumes, this a great way to sneak in some chickpeas! 


As a health coach, I think it is unrealistic to never eat dessert again. It is nice to have a treat once in a while! For example, instead of eating sugary, processed baked goods with white flour, oil, eggs, etc., try baking a healthier treat! It’s a win-win!

You get to have dessert without the guilt or without having to worry that it will sabotage your health journey or weight loss goals.

I love a simple, easy-to-make, hassle-free baking project. For this recipe, all you are doing is adding all of your ingredients into a food processor, blending and adding to a pan. Could it get any easier?!  

Fun fact: I used organic applesauce instead of oil, this makes the brownies lower in fat and lower in calories – YAY! 

You have to try this recipe! I am dying to know what you all think! If you make it, post it on Facebook and tag me @CodeGreenWellness or post on Instagram and tag me @CodeGreenWellness too! I can’t wait to see your creations. 


Vegan Chickpea Brownies (gluten-free, oil-free)

These vegan chickpea brownies are rich, fudgey, decadent and so yummy! They are gluten-free and oil-free as well. Perfect for kids, bringing to a pot luck, or just sharing with the family. 
Course Dessert
Keyword Vegan Chickpea Brownies
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes



  • Preheat the oven to 350F. 
  • Add all of the ingredients except the chocolate chips into a food processor. Blend until completely smooth!
  • Fold in chocolate chips then pour into a baking dish. An 8x8 pan will work for this. 
  • Bake for 20-23 minutes. When they are done, let them cool for about 20 minutes before cutting into them. 
  • Serve and enjoy! 

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! 

In good health,


If you liked these…you HAVE to make my chickpea blondies!

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Brownies

21 replies
  1. Jackie says:

    Ok I don’t know if my necessary changes will work. I’m new to baking so chemistry of foods elude me.
    Peanut butter homemade not almond butter
    Tigernut flour instead of almond flour
    Organic Cocoa powder instead of Cacao powder
    Apple sauce had gone bad, no substitute.
    Batter was more like mashed potatoes than a batter and so far 25 minutes still has them mashed potatoes in the middle. Turned the heat down to 300 and just going to keep checking them.
    But I found the right Chocolate chips! Lol

  2. Danetta says:

    These are amazing! My whole family loved them. I even like them better than traditional brownies. They are just the right texture–not too hard and dry, and not too gooey and undercooked!5 stars

  3. Eli says:

    I am allergic to nuts. Can I substitute with sunflower seeds butter and coconut, oat or rice flour?
    Thank you

  4. LIZA Smith says:

    Made these tonight. I personally don’t like brownies because they are to sweet and rich. These were perfect.


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